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Your Startup needs *this* for Long-term Success

The startup phase of a business can last up to 6 years usually, but all this depends greatly on how quickly you can go through the various stages of beginning a new venture, and particularly, how long it takes you to become a stable, well functioning, and consistently profitable organization. Most insight in the market is still very focused on how to vet a good business idea, prepare it and launch it. But once the initial “excitement” is over, it […]

The Anxiety of Coming Back to Work and How to Kick It

It happens to all of us. Even if you love your job, the ease of summer (even if you have been working) can be a daunting thing to let go of, because suddenly, it’s as if things “get serious” again in September. They do, and they don’t. And what this post is dedicated to is how to launch again with confidence and peace, (even if secretly you might not want to). I used to always say to myself things like “it’s […]

How to Find a “True” Coach, Right for You or Your Company

For those of us serious coaches, who have spent many years in training and experience creating real results for our clients, it is disheartening to see the trend that we all see where now it seems “everyone is a coach” of one thing or another. We have the full range from those who took a basic coaching course and now think themselves ready to practice (internally or externally), to those who are essentially consultants and trainers, peddling canned insights and […]

3 Keys to ‘Authentic Networking’ That Work for Any Professional

Whether you are a seasoned executive or business owner, a budding entrepreneur or a growing professional, one of the keys to your success will be the extent to which you can effectively connect with opportunities in the market – either to capture clients, gain collaborators of any kind, or find jobs and other projects to fulfill your objectives. While there may be many strategies for how to do this, what I have learned through the years in my work is […]

The Secure Entrepreneur – how can you become one?

Security is a very tricky word, one we often associate with “safety”, and yet are willing to sacrifice our freedom, power and happiness for. How many times, I have sat across talented, hardworking, capable individuals desperately wanting to leave that stable job to finally start up their own venture, and they are terrified. Understandable by all means, and I have certainly been their myself.   But the one question that always comes up is “how am I going to leave a […]