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How to get ~ Strategic ~ this summer…

The summer is finally here and whether or not you have the opportunity to get away this season, you may likely experience a slowdown in your workload and schedules.  Last year we spoke about ways to relax and let go, but this season I want to share ideas about how to get strategic, professionally and personally, and in doing so, optimize your “come-back” in September. When the pace of our work life slows down, we finally have the time and […]

Authentic Marketing ~ for You and Your Business

Marketing is such a big topic of interest in today’s age and yet remains an elusive concept when it comes down to the every day ways we can promote our businesses and secure the right clients.  In this post, I want to break down the very idea of “marketing” and explore with you ways to find approaches that will work for you and for your particular initiative. But first, I should say that my concept of marketing has always been […]