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Breaking the Fear of Failure ~ Part 1

  The fear of failure is a silent epidemic. What starts off as the fear of making a mistake, of being wrong, often leads to the grander “fear of failure” that paralyzes many from taking the steps and necessary risks towards achieving great success and fulfillment. Many of us already know the countless insights on the topic, yet may still become blocked or anxious in “moments of truth” when getting it right is really important:   A client solution. A […]

6 Powerful Strategies to jump-start your season

The beauty of the “Back to School” season is the sense of new beginnings and opportunity.  I hope the summer has offered you at least some moments of rest to reset your gears, reflect, and return to your day to day more refreshed.   This fall is about achieving the kind of results that will change the way you feel about you and your potential. I see this all the time and it’s not only possible, it’s liberating.     Here […]

Tips to Kick-Start the Fall Season

Welcome back to another season of opportunities! I hope you have had the moment to rest, relax, enjoy and recharge your batteries, as the fall season is always a wonderful time to innovate and create. In this post, I would like to plant some seeds around how to launch yourself successfully into this fall, with maximum effectiveness and minimum stress.   Let’s start by being honest… The end of summer and vacation time is daunting for many. Whether or not […]

How to get ~ Strategic ~ this summer…

The summer is finally here and whether or not you have the opportunity to get away this season, you may likely experience a slowdown in your workload and schedules.  Last year we spoke about ways to relax and let go, but this season I want to share ideas about how to get strategic, professionally and personally, and in doing so, optimize your “come-back” in September. When the pace of our work life slows down, we finally have the time and […]

Opening our Restaurant…lessons in business partnership

A few weeks ago we opened our new restaurant, Anfora.  A labor-of-love collaboration with two of my dearest friends, Mariano and Andres Hidalgo, we worked like crazy to innovate, create, and hope in this economic crisis.  But equally importantly, we set out to make this venture our home, a kind of family of joint visions towards making a small business with big ideas. What does a coach have to do with restaurants?  Everything.  Nowadays we dedicate ourselves to many different […]