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This is *real* transformation…

  “In life, there is no person, thing or event that is without purpose.”                    – Vicente Ferrer The good thing about our situation today is that the challenging circumstances in our midst are pushing us to redefine, innovate and experiment way beyond what we’re used to when we feel more secure. Our comfort zones are stretching and with this come new discoveries. This is the powerful alternative to remaining passive, negative […]

8 Ways to kick the crisis and keep growing

  Since the beginning of this year, I have been meeting with many folks to share ideas and emotions around the current state of affairs as well as how to boost inspiration and create opportunities towards achieving our greatest success possible. Most recently, I had the pleasure of meeting with a great friend, Luis Miguel Jiménez García, lawyer and co-owner of the firm Accuerda Abogados SLP. He is a very positive and proactive person, not to mention seasoned in his […]

Boosting positivity in the real world

  In the last few weeks I have been thinking a lot about morale, about what it takes to feel ok when so many around us are struggling and bad news seems to be at every corner. Originally, I thought folks would be looking for practical solutions targeted at building specific skills. And those are still very much needed. But what seems to be in greater demand is hope.   Hope has become endangered by our disappointment and resultant cynicism […]

How to get ~ Strategic ~ this summer…

The summer is finally here and whether or not you have the opportunity to get away this season, you may likely experience a slowdown in your workload and schedules.  Last year we spoke about ways to relax and let go, but this season I want to share ideas about how to get strategic, professionally and personally, and in doing so, optimize your “come-back” in September. When the pace of our work life slows down, we finally have the time and […]

Can people change? Play with personal innovation…

People often ask me if a person can change.  There are so many common expressions – not the least of which is “people don’t change” – that have convinced many that personal change is not really possible. But people change everyday, and sometimes tremendously within a single moment. Susan Scott states: “People change all the time and forget to tell each other.” It’s all around us and yet we struggle to accept it. Why? The question seems to be not […]

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