Why Coaching?

It is both an exhilarating and a challenging time to be alive.

No longer is it enough to be making it work, but somehow we are expected to be the best…as business owners and professionals, as partners and parents, as friends and individuals.  Everything is being measured, somehow.  And happiness and success have become the main measure.

There is a wonderful part to this:  we finally have the right to insist on living the life we love, on having the business or profession that fulfills us, a quality of life that makes sense now.

But the difficult part is the same: how do we get there exactly?  How do we mix this with the ups and downs of life, the changes that are everywhere, the things we cannot control?

Many people do not know what coaching is exactly.  At best they may think it is someone who will give them advice, tell them how to do things.  At worst, they may think it means they have not done it well enough themselves, a solution to a weakness.

But neither is correct.

What if the answers were always with you?  What if what you dream of is not really a dream but a real and attainable possibility?  What would it be like to be happy and successful for real?  Still stressed sometimes, still overwhelmed and confused and afraid at times, but happy.   And what if your business enjoyed a stable and comfortable success?

We don’t make miracles.  But we can help you get meaningful results.  It is hard work.  But the work can also be a lot of fun and inspiration.  It is something else to find your own answers, it really is.  I know this from experience.  But when you wake up in the morning, and you remember that you are getting up for something that drives you, makes sense to you, and gives you joy, THAT is a success in its own making.  And of course, it doesn’t hurt if that business, organization, or career is actually a real life success.

Or what if you are a professional struggling with a life transition, something perhaps that involves both your personal and your professional life and you are seeking to find a solution that will meet both?  Maybe it is a new job, or finding your true life calling.  Something that inspires you and affords you the life that you want but also leaves room for a healthy, fulfilling livelihood and time for family and friends.  Perhaps you wish to change your surroundings, or explore your ‘other’ sides, boost your creativity, or just feel all around better in your situation.

Coaching enables all of this.  We operate from the standard that you are your answers.  And why haven’t you achieved them on your own already? Because life obligations and pressures can be challenging.  And we could all use a partner sometimes who will listen with care and truly have our best interests in mind.

With a good coach, you can discuss your thoughts, opinions, ideas, worries, without being judged.  We don’t push you into solutions.  We can’t because you know best.  But we will ask and provoke and play until YOU find what works best for you.

No one thinks twice about going to a trainer for fitness advice or a masseuse for stress relief or a doctor for a broken arm.  And yet so many of us are still unsure of going to a coach for help with reaching our greatness, whatever that might mean for you.

But we are at your disposal.  And we care.  And the best of us, like all other practitioners, have been fully trained to do what we do.

Don’t hesitate.  If it is with NEV Coaching & Consulting or another firm, try it.  It may change your life, or your business.

Please feel free to contact me for a free first session and we will take it from there.

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