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It seems to me that there are many variable factors involved in answering ” What Makes a Happy Life ”
Seneca wrote ” A happy life is a life that is in harmony with its own nature”
Aristotle described happiness as being ” what attends the life of reason and practical wisdom”

In that sense the first challenge is to define what we mean by ” happiness” and to consider how this might vary according to our current state, beliefs, cultural influences etc.

For example some influences on happiness – arising as a by product of other things – might be :
Feeling in control of your life
Being valued and loved
Learning to achieve growing wisdom
Being kind and considerate to others
Knowing the difference between needs and wants

So maybe a happy life is a reflective life of appropriate restraint and sense of proportion aligned with respect for humanity and an appreciation of the value of knowledge.
Peter Cobbe

Know who you are, what you want, and do it. Commit yourself to your values and exercise your gifts to help others. Appreciate all that life offers and take time every day to express appreciation. Work and play in balance. Enjoy the pleasures and walk the paths of sorrow with courage and faith.
Sara Seltzer

Sentirse capaz, sentirse libre de cadenas materiales, no pretender que los demás sean y actuen como tu, generar buen rollo a tu alrededor, dar y no pedir y alejarse de las personas tóxicas. y mucha paz y amor.
Carlota De Dios

Hi Peter and Nevena! I wanted to add a few thoughts – 

I believe happiness is knowing you are magnificent and unique and that you are contributing to life and to those around you in a significant, healthy, uplifting way. We all have something to give that is individual to us- and by “using” that something and giving it away to others, we experience fulfillment. I have often found that I am happiest when I have surrendered control and I am willing to embrace the flow of life. Instead of circumstances, I see adventure. Instead of roadblocks, I see hills to climb, from the top of which I will see new vistas. 

As we get in touch with our gifts, talents and passions, we naturally move toward “doing” things that bring us joy and happiness. Ultimately, happiness is a point of view and a choice that we make, day by day, minute by minute. And the cool part is, that each and every one of us has the power to choose happiness! What a gif !

Thanks for your thoughts.
Karen Stone, CCIM, MSW, LCC, www.karenstonecoach.com

I see a happy life as being able to let go of any expectation that life will only have highs and to accept that life will have its lows. To embrace the lows as moments where we can learn something about ourselves and moments that will be short lived. To let go of thoughts that lead to ill feelings of worry, guilt, resentment and jealousies, because these feelings can be all consuming. Lastly, to invite and allow peace from a Higher Wisdom into our lives.
Bernard Damhuis, CIA, CISA, CMA

Por la mañana dar gracias por todo lo que una tiene, que seguramente es mucho.
Proponerse objetivos diarios, realistas y realizables.
Sonreir e intentar hacerle más fácil la vida a las personas que nos rodean.
Por la noche antes de dormir celebrar los logros conseguidos y reconocer aquellos objetivos en los que hay que seguir trabajando.
Rodearse de mucha buena gente y tener poc@s pero buen@s amig@s.
Mª Eugenia Mazzino

What a difficult question! It depends so much on people’s personality & stage in life.
But, I do think that some ideas may be universal:
–        Be content & grateful for what we have, instead of always asking for more, or comparing with others.
–        Live in the present moment.
–        Enjoy the small joys of life.
–        Be surrounded with empathy from family and friends.
–        Realize how precious & fragile life can be.
–        Give back some of what we have received to other people.
–        Trust in life & the future, especially in moments of uncertainty.
–        Realize the impermanence of things.
Delphine Bradshaw-Nguyen

Every Thanksgiving we go around the table and ask what we are thankful for. Each year I ask 4 questions:

Is my family healthy?
 Is there food on the table? 
Is there a roof over my head?
 Are the storm troopers knocking at the door?

In life if you get the right answer to these questions everything else is gravy.  Simplicity is the key to happiness.
Al Hamilton

200g of Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate.
Mac MacPherson

This is an easy one to answer: What makes a happy life? A happy wife! 🙂
Kenneth W. (Ken) Meyer, SPHR [LION]

I understand and agree…my birth wasn’t happy at all and I was dying when I was 11 days old… That’s why I’m happy and I had always struggled for LIFE and HAPPINESS. 
Now it is different…
“Happiness is a permanent state. It’s always there. Unhappiness goes and comes. If you identify yourself with that, you’re gonna be unhappy. 
If you identify yourself with what is permanent, you are happiness itself.” Poonja.
Manuela Priolo

Hi Nevena, I think this is the question of our era…
My experience tells me;
*Acceptance and love of yourself with every strength and weakness in addition to acceptance of others and your surroundings is one
*Differentiating between what YOU really want & accept of what you are able to accomplish and what others (parents to start with plus all other socializing agents) have imposed on you to do-to want is the second key principle.
 Have a happy day 😉
Sevkan Bolu

It’s really too easy, but it works for me for 54 years already.
“Listen to your heart” 
In my experience, more people should need to do this. 

Kind regards.
Hans Minnaert

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    • Estoy de acuerdo LuisMi…todo empieza con nosotros mismos. Y estar con buena gente que te llenan es fundamental. Seguimos hablando…

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