Business Consulting

  • Business strategy & growth
  • Internationalization & cultural integration
  • Entrepreneurship / new business development
  • Innovation & creativity (culture, opportunities, trends)
  • Marketing & sales strategy
  • Client service, loyalty & the “ideal client experience”
  • Leadership, personnel development & motivation
  • Effective communication, negotiation & emotional intelligence
  • Organizational management
  • Crisis & change management 
  • Job search strategy & professional presentation
  • Networking strategies & relationship management

Successful ideasSometimes you need a specialist to give you expert advice and training on a particular topic. This is the advantage of working with a consultant.

Consulting differs from coaching in a variety of ways, most notably in that consultants recommend specific solutions whereas coaches guide clients towards finding their own.

At NEV Coaching & Consulting we offer both services, and in certain cases where it might benefit the client, a combination of the two. Both have their advantages and much depends on your skill set and how much hands-on work you can do on your own.

The above is a list of core areas covered in our consulting practice but we recommend you contact us for a free consultation of your particular case and pricing options.