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The Anxiety of Coming Back to Work and How to Kick It

It happens to all of us. Even if you love your job, the ease of summer (even if you have been working) can be a daunting thing to let go of, because suddenly, it’s as if things “get serious” again in September. They do, and they don’t. And what this post is dedicated to is how to launch again with confidence and peace, (even if secretly you might not want to). I used to always say to myself things like “it’s […]

“I might not hold out until my vacation”

Summer time is upon us, which for many means at least some vacation time to recharge for the next season. But for some, it may come too late. It’s not surprising that we often see the highest frequency of burnout or other stress-related incidences just around this time of year as many “crawl” to their vacations. The reality is that the timing of our much needed (and much deserved) moments of rest is often not organised around our needs but […]

Meditation for EVERYONE ~ how to get started the easy way

2017 has been declared the “Year of Mindfulness” and we at NEV Coaching & Consulting are very excited to support this initiative. As such, we begin with the most basic and fundamental: meditation. “My mind is too active for meditation”… “meditation is not my style of relaxation”… “meditation doesn’t work on me”. Whatever your reasoning up until now, this post is dedicated to encouraging you all to truly consider the idea that meditation is accessible to you, will give you tremendous benefits, and never has to be […]

Our Struggle with Change – and How to Overcome it

All of us at one point have had to consider an important change and all the difficulty, risk, and at times fear, that it conveys: a job, a relationship, a habit, a place, a positive opportunity or a negative struggle. And the very reason it was so challenging is precisely because change represents work, uncertainty, and some – even perhaps great – level of struggle or discomfort.   A great man I once worked for said that the only way to […]

The Simple Formula to Excellent Communication

In my work over the last years, one observation that has continued to impact me is how many difficulties – both personal and professional – stem from either poor communication, or a lack thereof. We so often seem to struggle with situations, issues and emotions that, more than anything, require a good quality conversation to be resolved, or at least meaningfully improved. Here I would like to propose a simple but incredibly effective guide on how to design such a conversation […]