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I have been deeply inspired by the incredible wave of innovation that many around the globe have taken on towards giving back to our society and improving life – personal and professional – as a whole.

It is my pleasure to share some of those that I believe are making an important difference.

Please enjoy exploring the following and share with us your own fabulous sources of inspiration…



  • NEW!  Steve Chandler – [life coaching] World famous master coach on personal transformation…
  • NEW!  Sandy Schussel – [sales + coaching] Master coach helping professional service firms attract and keep clients.
  • NEW!  Melonie Dodaro – [social media marketing] LinkedIn specialist.
  • NEW!  Marie Forleo – [marketing] It doesn’t take talent or luck to succeed, you just need to decide. 
  • NEW!  IttyBiz – [marketing] We build businesses. Even small ones.
  • NEW!  Simon Sinek – [leadership] Start with WHY…
  • NEW! Nancy Duarte – [presentation specialist] Every great ideas deserves to be heard…
  • Daniel Goleman – Emotional & Ecological Intelligence.
  • Dr. Martin Seligman – The psychology of authentic happiness.
  • Sir Ken Robinson – [talent + creativity] Creativity in education and nurturing true talent in everyone…
  • Tom Peters – [entrepreneurship] Pursue excellence…
  • Danielle LaPorte – [entrepreneurship] Rich, happy & hot advice: surrender, act now, just breathe.
  • Heart of Business – [entrepreneurship] When you want to make a difference, but need to make a profit.
  • Guy Kawasaki – [entrepreneurship + transformation] How to change the world…
  • Scott Stratten – [marketing] Stop marketing, start engaging.
  • Susan Scott – [communication] Fierce Conversations – Any conversation can.
  • Hiro Boga – [life coaching + wellness + spirituality] Intuitive healing, to help you and your business flourish.
  • Rafa Armero – [creativity + innovation] Emotional Creativity…



  • TED [innovation + education] – Riveting talks, by remarkable people, free to the world.
  • Academic Earth [innovation + education] – Online courses from the world’s top scholars.
  • NEW! Pecha Kucha [innovation + education] – The art of concise presentations.