Creating a life you love, and work that loves you back.

Leadership & Talent Development

Optimizing the performance of executives, entrepreneurs and stars in your company.

Business Growth & Management

Marketing & sales strategies, client service & loyalty, innovation & creativity, internationalisation, etc.

Organisational Development

Optimizing effectiveness & efficiency, strategic thinking/planning, change management, etc.

Entrepreneurship & Culture

The entrepreneurial mindset, culture for your company or launching your own project.

Team Optimisation

Building a proactive culture, healthy climate, coordination, communication and results.

Professional Development

Finding your calling, your “unique competitive value”, professional presentation, networking strategies.

Personal Effectiveness

Emotional intelligence, communication strategies, organisation, productivity, and goal setting.

Positivity & Motivation

Self-confidence, stress-management, power & assertiveness, work-life balance.


Executive Coaching

For Executives, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs looking to optimise their skills, teams and opportunities.

Business Consulting

For Executives, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs looking to grow their business, client base, innovate and internationalise.

Team / Group Coaching

For all types of organisations looking to achieve better results, collaboration, communication, team spirit and an entrepreneurial mindset for their employees.

Career / Life Coaching

For all types of Professionals looking to maximise their career opportunities, build stronger networks, and achieve any variety of personal effectiveness goals.

Workshops / Speaking Gigs

Executive and professional training on a variety of personal and professional skills and knowledge for any type of organisation or privately organized group.

University Education

Courses specifically aimed at university students to help develop fundamental life, professional and entrepreneurial skills for real life success.

Nevena Vujosevic

Executive Coach & Consultant

I have chosen to be an executive coach and consultant because I truly care about people and organizations and I find deep fulfillment in helping them achieve their greatness. Originally an organisational psychologist, I have over 15 years of experience in business growth and development, organisational strategy, leadership and professional development, in a variety of sectors and organisations internationally. But there is more…

    Nevena Vujosevic

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Our Customers Say!

  • Nevena is a very flexible and effective coach. With a friendly and very focused attitude, sessions with her implicate a deep involvement and the feeling in the end that you really advance in your reasoning. I definitely recommend her as a business partner.
    Executive / Business OwnerEdoardo NegroniInorgen Ltd.
  • Nevena is a well-educated, knowledgeable person who undertakes her work very seriously. I have no hesitation in recommending Nevena to anyone who wishes to conduct a marketing exercise to increase their motivation, professionalism and sales.
    Business OwnerLes TownsendLNA Interiors
  • I wish I had met Nev earlier! There is a before and after in my life since having met Nev, both personally and professionally. She a totally different coach from the rest, with her I achieved way more than I expected.
    Business OwnerRocio RuizExpresión Visual
  • Group coaching sessions with Nev are very fun and useful. If you are a business owner or professional, I recommend them and you will surely come back for more.
    Business OwnerLee MonkMaverick English
  • Nev is very supportive and easy to work with. I would strongly recommend her as a coach, she is really good at listening, understanding and guiding you to the point were you just might pleasantly surprise yourself.
    Profesional, InmobiliariaKlara JovanovicRoyal LePage
  • Nevena is an excellent executive coach and consultant. Her delivery, knowledge and passion for her work are commendable. It was a pleasure to work and know her.
    Business OwnerFátima Doménech GarcíaVaivén Comunicación
  • Every time I leave one of Nev's classes, I feel like a better personal and professional.
    University StudentJavier Hernández PérezUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia
  • Nevena was great in guiding me very efficiently through all my questions and doubts concerning my different projects. Her high empathy and integrity has helped me very much reflect on all the different areas of life and work. I recommend her strongly as she is supportive, professional and a great listener.
    Business OwnerChrista BrokkeMoving2Valencia
  • With Nev's talks, you know you are going to learn: she gives you tools to improve your personal brand and value towards optimising your way of doing business, and what I liked the most, how to internationalise it all.
    Consultora AsociadaRaquel MorainQuve
  • Nev has supported me in some leadership and optimization projects, providing intelligent, implementation-driven and valuable input. She is not only a very bright, but also a very likable person, which provides a sound base to work together. I strongly recommend her and her services.
    Business OwnerPhilip KalusAccelerando Associates

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