6 Powerful Strategies to jump-start your season

StillnessThe beauty of the “Back to School” season is the sense of new beginnings and opportunity.  I hope the summer has offered you at least some moments of rest to reset your gears, reflect, and return to your day to day more refreshed.


This fall is about achieving the kind of results that will change the way you feel about you and your potential. I see this all the time and it’s not only possible, it’s liberating.



Here we will share some key strategies for how to effectively launch the season with a renewed sense of clarity, motivation, purpose and joy.



Our own last few months have been very intense and exciting with some wonderful new developments, both personally and professionally. The businesses have grown beautifully this year as has our community – please click here to read more.  I am also deeply grateful to share that I have become a “second mom” to 3 precious kids from my partner – one of the greatest gifts this life has given me thus far. All this and a new home resulted in less mailings to you than I would have liked but that is about to change BIG-TIME.


In fact, the last months also led me to some deep reflection about you…my wonderful community of intelligent, passionate individuals who in their own right have been growing, innovating, changing and fighting for what they want. There is always the ever-evolving question of how to listen to you better, deeper, and bring you more value in your own journey and projects.


Here are some important updates

  • We will mail slightly more often (1-2 a month) but with shorter content to make it more “digestible” and applicable for you and your busy schedules.
  • My main priority is to hear from you and continue sharing ideas – if you wish to be interviewed for the blog, interview me, share some relevant insight, and/or look for interesting new ways to collaborate (workshops, speaking gigs, articles, etc.) click here.
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While the future posts will be much shorter, I will still publish some longer pieces once in a while for those looking for deeper analysis and information on a given topic.

Don’t forget that I always offer a free consultation to clarify your particular topic or situation. To schedule one, please click here.


Now let’s fly!
See below for how to make a real impact – for real success – this season.



Coaching para Exito1) Coach yourself
– find a quiet moment for at least an hour, by yourself, get your favorite drink, ask yourself these questions and speak your answers out loud (this is a proven method for clearing the head and prioritizing).

  • What are my 3 (only 3) most important objectives for this season (professionally and personally)?
  • What keeps me up at night and what do I have to do to solve it?
  • What 5 steps can I do right now to help organize/advance my objectives?
  • What brings me pure joy and how can I increase it NOW?
  • What is my “secret desire” that I struggle to admit to myself and how will getting it improve my life?


2) Connect meaningfully – we can be so much more when we connect with our TRIBE – think about these questions and WRITE out your plan of action (this is a proven method for solidifying commitment and goal completion).

Vicente Ferrer Foundation Dinner at Anfora

  • Who are the people I should contact to help me get to where I want to go?
    • Contact them now and make a date to meet and share ideas (in person is ideal, but phone works as well – initial contact can be over email but it should eventually lead to a more personal exchange).
  • What events should I attend to bring me closer to those who can help me?
    • Register for them now if you can, put them on your calendar, and make sure you have business cards and whatever else you need to present yourself as you want to).
  • What 3-5 things can I create/do this season that will make the most impact towards achieving my goals?
    • Forget what you are used to doing, deep down you know what is bringing you the most success, even if you are hesitant about it.


3) Communication“the conversation IS the relationship” (Susan Scott, Fierce Conversations) and some of our relationships, personal or professional, may be causing us and others great suffering simply because we have not had a much needed, quality conversation. Is there something you need to clarify to your employees? Are you waiting to ask for something of your boss? Is there a space between you and a loved one because of what you are both afraid to say?

  • What important conversations are pending in my life that would make all the difference in the world? 
    • Make a list and make appointments during a calm moment to talk openly.
  • If you would like some help on how to prepare a good conversation, click here.


4) Find *your* balance where am I “overdoing it” or “not doing enough”? There may be things that you are pushing limits on to the point that they are damaging you or your desired lifestyle. And there may be others that need your love and attention and are suffering for the lack of it. What are they? But here is the key to this question: be careful how you answer it – this is not an excuse to put more pressure on yourself or feel like you are never good enough. It’s just about honestly sensing where you may be feeling unbalanced.

  • I need to do less of…
  • I need to do more of…


Go straight to the heart5) Go to the heart of it – often times, deep down, we know exactly what we need, and need to do. Something that, once accomplished or resolved, would greatly improve a part of our lives and often with immediate benefits. But in the whirlwind of mixed emotions and busy schedules we somehow struggle to go straight to it. And this “circling the target” can continue for years, even decades.

  • What is the one change that would help me feel enormously better?
  • How can I make small steps right now towards achieving it?
    • We can identify what has been blocking you and work on how to clear it.


6) Be still – we don’t have enough time for ourselves or space to think, feel, play, experience, etc. This is precious time, that need not be a lot, but brings us great relief, wisdom and organization in how we live our lives going forward.

  • Where and how can you find more SPACE for yourself?
    • Now “schedule” those moments for yourself on the calendar like any other important appointment – and keep them.


If you or someone you know would like some guidance and support in working on the above, please contact me here. 

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    • Great comment Sandy! Thank you. It was meant to serve as a bit of launching pad for the season.
      I have been thinking about your comments from our other session and they have really made an impression. All the best to you.

  1. That’s a very inspiring post with some great, new insights. I didn’t know about the “speaking out loud” technique and will give it a try this evening 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Marcel, I’m glad you found it helpful. Yes, many people find speaking out loud strange but it works wonders. Actors and presenters do it on a regular basis but when you hear your own voice talking out as if you were even having a conversation, it greatly helps clarify things. Try it and let me know how it goes! All the best to you.

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