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Don’t make Resolutions, do this instead (FREE guide)

  Last year I didn’t send out mass holiday or new year’s wishes. It was partly due to an unexpected crunch at year-end but this bothered me for a while. I expected to be able to do this and it didn’t turn out.   Yet as I thought about what I would write you, I couldn’t think of one message I would send to everyone. 2013 for me was a year of spectacular experiences, lessons, and advances and THIS was […]

Breaking the Fear of Failure ~ Part 2

In the previous post, we looked into what it means to be wrong and why making mistakes is not only human and inevitable, but actually necessary in order to create truly powerful solutions and achieve lasting success.   But however much we may understand this, even internalize it, it is usually not enough in helping dispel the fear of failure. Most of us wait and hope for the fear to first go away before we feel safe enough to act. […]

Breaking the Fear of Failure ~ Part 1

  The fear of failure is a silent epidemic. What starts off as the fear of making a mistake, of being wrong, often leads to the grander “fear of failure” that paralyzes many from taking the steps and necessary risks towards achieving great success and fulfillment. Many of us already know the countless insights on the topic, yet may still become blocked or anxious in “moments of truth” when getting it right is really important:   A client solution. A […]

Boosting positivity in the real world

  In the last few weeks I have been thinking a lot about morale, about what it takes to feel ok when so many around us are struggling and bad news seems to be at every corner. Originally, I thought folks would be looking for practical solutions targeted at building specific skills. And those are still very much needed. But what seems to be in greater demand is hope.   Hope has become endangered by our disappointment and resultant cynicism […]

Tips to Kick-Start the Fall Season

Welcome back to another season of opportunities! I hope you have had the moment to rest, relax, enjoy and recharge your batteries, as the fall season is always a wonderful time to innovate and create. In this post, I would like to plant some seeds around how to launch yourself successfully into this fall, with maximum effectiveness and minimum stress.   Let’s start by being honest… The end of summer and vacation time is daunting for many. Whether or not […]