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Breaking the Fear of Failure ~ Part 2

In the previous post, we looked into what it means to be wrong and why making mistakes is not only human and inevitable, but actually necessary in order to create truly powerful solutions and achieve lasting success.   But however much we may understand this, even internalize it, it is usually not enough in helping dispel the fear of failure. Most of us wait and hope for the fear to first go away before we feel safe enough to act. […]

Breaking the Fear of Failure ~ Part 1

  The fear of failure is a silent epidemic. What starts off as the fear of making a mistake, of being wrong, often leads to the grander “fear of failure” that paralyzes many from taking the steps and necessary risks towards achieving great success and fulfillment. Many of us already know the countless insights on the topic, yet may still become blocked or anxious in “moments of truth” when getting it right is really important:   A client solution. A […]

6 Powerful Strategies to jump-start your season

The beauty of the “Back to School” season is the sense of new beginnings and opportunity.  I hope the summer has offered you at least some moments of rest to reset your gears, reflect, and return to your day to day more refreshed.   This fall is about achieving the kind of results that will change the way you feel about you and your potential. I see this all the time and it’s not only possible, it’s liberating.     Here […]

This is *real* transformation…

  “In life, there is no person, thing or event that is without purpose.”                    – Vicente Ferrer The good thing about our situation today is that the challenging circumstances in our midst are pushing us to redefine, innovate and experiment way beyond what we’re used to when we feel more secure. Our comfort zones are stretching and with this come new discoveries. This is the powerful alternative to remaining passive, negative […]

8 Ways to kick the crisis and keep growing

  Since the beginning of this year, I have been meeting with many folks to share ideas and emotions around the current state of affairs as well as how to boost inspiration and create opportunities towards achieving our greatest success possible. Most recently, I had the pleasure of meeting with a great friend, Luis Miguel Jiménez García, lawyer and co-owner of the firm Accuerda Abogados SLP. He is a very positive and proactive person, not to mention seasoned in his […]